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Miranda Oldroyd: 12 Facts About One of the Most Recognized Women in CrossFit®

Posted by Dr. Noah Dean on


For all those who find themselves addicted to wondrous CrossFit midi-chlorians, it's inevitable that they will also become familiar with the name Miranda Oldroyd. She's a Games athlete, trainer at NorCal CrossFit, and trusted coach at CrossFit HQ. Her face (and abs) are strewn across Facebook and Instagram daily. She’s coached over 10,000 people and is still racking up that number. Despite her popularity, however, there is still more to learn about (and from) this amazing athlete/person.

  1. Miranda never played college sports nor does she have the common powerlifting/gymnastics background so many other dominant Games athletes have. In fact, her athletic background consists of being a high school cheerleader (2 years) and a member the track team (1 year; 400m and 100m). I would say that’s quite a humble beginning considering she has a Fran 2:15, a 50 pull-up max, and a near 300# back squat.
  2. Most of us know about Miranda’s accident in June of 2012 when a dude running a red light smashed into her car (leaving Miranda with a broken hand and neck). What most people don’t know is that 10 months later Miranda gave one of her most impressive regional performances. She won the opening workout and, despite still being in “recovery mode”, busted out 50 handstand pushups. “I was really scared because you’re not really supposed to do that with a broken neck - so I was really pumped to get through that.”


  3. Miranda competed in The Games in 2008 and, after years of struggle to return, lead NorCal CrossFit to a 5th place finish at the 2014 Games – and she doesn’t intend to slow down. This past May she competed at regionals for the 6th time and will visit Carson again for the 2015 CrossFit Games with NorCal. “I’ve been around this sport long enough to know not to make big claims about what I’m going to do. I know the competition is better than ever… and there are more of them. But I also know I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.”
  4. Miranda isn’t the only tough one in her household. Her husband (Tyson) is a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corp. He and Miranda were hired on as staff trainers for the CrossFit HQ Training Department 2008 (before it was the powerhouse business it is now) – making Miranda and Tyson true OGs of CrossFit. “Despite all he’s been through he says the toughest thing he’s ever done is deal with me!” (laughs)
  5. Miranda and Tyson opened CrossFit 801 in March of 2008 – the 3rd affiliate to open in Utah. Although the gym has since been passed to other hands the influence on the community has proven incredible. There are now around 100 gyms in Utah and more than 30 CrossFit boxes in Salt Lake City alone!
  6. Miranda and Jason Khalipa have been close friends for several years now. They met for the first time while working toward their L1 seminar at CrossFit San Diego in April of 2008. “At the level 1 he had a three and a half minute Fran time… and all the people in there lost their mind. They were so impressed. Of course that was right before he won The Games too. I also remember him being such a goofball!” Jason is also on the NorCal team headed to Carson in July.
  7. Miranda and her husband moved from Salt Lake City to California when Tyson (her husband) got a job opportunity at CrossFit HQ. After 3 years of living in San Jose Miranda says, “It’s really cool to be living where CrossFit started and be surrounded by people who have been in the game so long. I’ve very glad we had the opportunity and made the decision to move.”


  8. When asked if there was anything she would want the CrossFit community to know she said, “I’m not on steroids.” (laughs) “I think the camera adds muscle on me or something. People are always disappointed when they see me in person!”
  9. Miranda has instructed more than 200 CrossFit seminar classes… making her one of the most experienced instructors in the world. When asked if she would ever start holding seminars outside of the CrossFit HQ umbrella she said, “I’m proud to be able to change lives through CrossFit and we (instructors) want people to have a good time. But honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of airports and hotel rooms so I’m definitely not interested in holding private seminars.”
  10. Miranda has been coaching and training with Gustavo (an adaptive athlete) for several years now and, after recently getting to know two other adaptive athletes, has decided to add to her already impressive coaching resume. “Stephanie (Hammerman), Kevin (Ogar), and Gustavo have really motivated me and made working with adaptive athletes a huge priority for me. I hope to help coaches everywhere learn how to work with them; through CrossFit HQ, social media, and any other outlet. Coaches need to learn not to hesitate to reach out to such athletes. It’s also important that we don’t put them off in a corner. They are people and athletes just like we are.”
  11. Despite the fact that Miranda is fully committed to returning to the Games, there is a chance we may witness some changes in the life of Mrs. Oldroyd. “I intend to fully commit to The Games this coming season. We got 5th last year, which was awesome, but we could have been more in sync. This year we’ve come together a lot sooner to train. However, my husband and I would like to start a family so after this season my priorities might change a little.”


  12. Although this may be a bit subjective, Miranda is courteous and grateful beyond words. While being interviewed she (on several occasions), mentioned how thankful she is for what/who she has. “I’ve had a change in perspective over the past few years. I’m so grateful to be a part of the CrossFit community and to be able to do the things we do.”

Miranda, we salute you – and wish NorCal the best as you take the Battlefield in Carson later this summer!

Special thanks to Miranda Oldroyd, Tyson Oldroyd, Ali Samieivafa, and CrossFit® HQ.