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Finding the "Cross" in CrossFit

Posted by Eliana Samaniego on

It’s 5:15am.

I get to the box, warm-up, mobilize… whatever. The clock is set and the WOD begins. The next few minutes are agonizing - restricted breathing, sweating, burning; fighting through the pain. I find myself praying to God for strength. Is He listening? Does He hear my plea through the loud music and clashing barbells? Yes! He sure does! In fact, it's these early morning workouts that serve as my one-on-one time with God.

CrossFit for me is extremely spiritual because in those few minutes I feel very intimate with the Lord. When I get that feeling of exhaustion I begin to question myself, “Can I finish? Should I just give up? Why am I here?” Then I think of the pain Jesus Christ, our savior, felt. In no way am I comparing myself to Jesus (I’m far from it) but I think of His indescribable strength. He carried the Cross alone. He fell so many times just to rise back on His feet. The blood He shed, the tears He cried and the unfathomable love He had to die for each and everyone our sins on the cross – the thought motivates me.

CrossFit is such an emotional sport because of all the feelings involved. I don’t know about my fellow CrossFitters, but I can’t help to get some sort of divine feeling deep within my soul while in the gym. When my jam comes on blasting through the speakers during those heavy deadlifts, I get a powerful adrenaline rush. I think of how blessed I am to stand there, breathe, see, touch, and have the ability to CrossFit. He has given me the power to accomplish 30 clean and jerks in under 3 minutes and the strength to snatch 110 lbs. He has provided me with the mental toughness to fight through 150 burpees and the confidence to approach a loaded barbell and squat clean 155 lbs. I am blessed!

Jesus is the prime example of being strong (physically and mentally) – which is why I pray during my workout. I ask GOD to give me every bit of strength I need to finish. I feel such a connection with him because I know Jesus was praying for the same thing during his time of pain and suffering.

As I said before, I’m not comparing myself to Jesus Christ our Savior. I just believe in my heart that He is there beside me saying, “You can! Believe in yourself! You have been blessed with the physical and mental strength to do this. It is up to you to fight for it!”

- Eliana Samaniego