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The Top 5 Most Inspirational CrossFitters

Posted by Dr. Noah Dean on

If you’re anything close to the average, smart phone carrying American you know that social media bombards us with stats, pictures, videos, and quotes of today’s most elite CrossFit athletes. Rich, Sam, Camille, Annie, Jason, and many others are known by most of us on a first name basis – as evidenced by the fact you know exactly who the aforementioned are. However, what would happen if we ignored the specific CrossFitter that motivates us to attempt a PR front squat and focused more on the type of CrossFitter that instills a passion for success within us?

Ladies and gents, I give you the top 5 most inspirational CrossFitters…in no particular order.

The Battle-Scarred: Anyone with a physical “disability” who commits to the CrossFit lifestyle is a f**king hero in my book. Sure, it’s easy for you and I to throw on a wrist wrap, slap on a weight belt, or pull up a knee sleeve before jumping into a WOD. But it takes buckets o’ sand for an amputee, paraplegic, victim of CP, or the like to enter a gym of able-bodied athletes and throw down. When I see a man with one arm use a plastic contraption to rip a weighted bar off the floor and into the front rack position I feel like crying… and fighting a grizzly bear at the same time. To the “battle-scarred”, we solute you.

The Pusher: Not long ago we had a rookie CrossFitter attempt a WOD consisting of several handstand pushups and squat cleans. Just ten minutes into the WOD everyone in the class had completed the workout… except this newbie. In fact, the following class was well into its warm-up (over an hour) before he finished. His excuse? He refused to cheat ROM or reps. Now maybe the coach should have scaled him better. Maybe the rookie should have stopped shy of his rep count in respect for the following class. Nevertheless, the dude (and all those like him) is a monster. To those of you who refuse to give up, we see you – and we love you for it.

The Fat One: I’m not going to be politically correct and introduce some clever, non-offensive twist to the word “fat”. I’m directly referencing the person who is far overweight and still trucks into the gym ready to do work. To you fat peeps; if you think that we are staring at you in judgment, you’re right. We’re judging you as the bad-a$$ you are. We know three things the instant we see you; 1) it took courage to enter the gym , 2) we are going to support you every sweat drop of the way, and 3) as long as you stay with it, you won’t be in this category for long. Keep doing work, friend. You are more inspiring than you know.

The Kind Hearted: Unfortunately, even our beloved sport of CrossFit isn’t immune to a$$holes. The good news, however, is that when an athlete shows a genuine kindness to others in the box the bond of the CrossFit family becomes that much more profound. Sure it’s fun to hit PR’s, throw heavy weight around, and sweat to some rockin’ jams – but if there’s not cool people around to celebrate the experience with we might as well be in our own living room. To those who revel in the accomplishments of your own AND those by other CrossFitters around you, thank you. You make the CrossFit community just that.

The “Type I” CrossFitter: Not long ago CrossFit coach Dawn Fletcher posted an article outlining the differences between a “type I” and “type II” athlete. The type I is the one who always commits to the WOD format, correct rep count and full ROM. They’re the ones that slow down when it means improving technique yet attack every workout with the tenacity of a true fighter. They NEVER cheat. As Dawn states, “it takes a great deal of integrity to be a type I athlete.” So for all you type I-ers out there, thanks for keeping what we do respectable. And don’t sweat the rep shavers. They’ll wish they had a different mindset when they see you hitting a PR every week.